Andrew (real name Hubert) is the antagonist of the episode, Under Raps. He is a mysterious visitor from out of town who forms a relationship with Cassandra in hopes of using her to steal an ancient journal.


Physical Appearance

Andrew is tall, with a tan complexion. He has a full brown beard and mustache with a man bun hairdo. His shirt is brown in color with red sleeves and has a plunging v-neck. He also has a wool fleece he often wears.


In Under Raps, he pretends to like Cassandra to get close to a map in the journal of Herz Der Soone. Little did he realize, Cassandra was on to him the entire time and successfully stopped his evil plans.


  • During their first confrontation, Cassandra questions whether or not "Andrew" is his real name, to which he replies, "It's Hubert..."
  • In the promos leading up to the premiere of the episode, Andrew was sold as a potential love interest for Cassandra.


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