The Black Rocks are mysterious sharp rocks that came out of the ground surrounding the spot where the magical flower sprouted form, and later played a part in the return of Rapunzel's long hair.

These black rocks are located around Old Corona village and in The Alchemist Returns, it is revealed that the black rocks are spreading to the center of Corona.


Sometime before Rapunzel's return to Corona, these mysterious rocks started to sprout out of the ground where the royal guards found the flower that saved the Queen and her unborn child. The only thing that is known about the rocks is that they are unbreakable and that the rocks are tied to the Opal years ago. Cassandra, brought Rapunzel to rocks while sneaking her out for some downtime. When Rapunzel reached out to touch one of them, a powerful blast from the rocks knocked the two girls off their feet and somehow grew back Rapunzel's long hair.

Afterwards, the rocks began to sprout throughout the land. They started to appear around Varian's village, Old Corona. Every time Rapunzel went near them, her hair would glow along with the rocks, indicating that they are somehow connected. Varian promised to help Rapunzel and Cassandra understand the rocks better and to keep their work a secret. As the number of rocks grew started to destroy the village, Varian knew that they would not stop "growing". Once they had destroyed his village they would start making their way to Corona. Varian desperately tried to use alchemy in his attempt stop them, until his experiments got his father "crystalized".

In The Quest for Varian, Rapunzel used her hair to interact the rocks and triggered a shock wave to stun the troops chasing her, but it caused the rocks' rapid growth and destroyed the tower eventually. An ancient scroll revealed that the rocks may be caused by the drop of moonlight, with reference of the Magical Golden Flower which came from the drop of sunlight.

In Secret of the Sun Drop, the rocks slowly begin to encroach on Corona. Following Varian's abduction of the Queen, King Frederic confesses to Rapunzel that he had known all along what the rocks were, revealing that the night of her birth, he was warned by Quirin against removing the flower, least he would reap unimaginable consequences and awaken a darkness, which resulted in the black rocks.

During the battle in Old Corona against Varian's army of automatons, Eugene gets an idea to lead the automatons to the rocks to destroy them. Meanwhile, Rapunzel and Frederic are trapped by Varian in a failed attempt to ambush him. Varian then uses her unbreakable hair as a drill tip in an effort to drill through the amber, but it fails. In the end, the black rocks converge on Rapunzel when Varian threatens her mother and Cassandra by driving a giant automation. Rapunzel realizes that this was her destiny and she shouldn't run away from the rocks, but she is supposed to face them. Rapunzel then grips the rocks and successfully controls them to defeat Varian and his automatons. Having an epiphany, Frederic admits he thought their purpose was to destroy Corona, but ignoring them only made the danger worse. The rocks then breach the kingdom's border wall and begin to lay flat, pointing to the certain direction, which Rapunzel was encouraged to follow.

In the aftermath, the black rocks are revealed to be breakable by a mysterious warrior with a black sword.

In Beyond the Corona Walls, Raps, Cass, Eugene, Lance, and Hook Foot are in a caravan following the path of the rocks - with Shorty as a stowaway - being pulled by Max and Fidello. It eventually leads them to a once great town called Vardaros. In the evening, Rapunzel tries to destroy Eugene's wedding to Stalyan with one of the black rocks. When nothing happens, Adira - the owner of the black sword - states why.



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