The Demanitus Device is the massive subterranean machine deep in the Corona mountains, built by an ancient engineer and inventor known as Lord Demanitus. The machine was built based on the knowledge of both magic and science.


According to Xavier's description, eons ago, an evil warlock by the name of Zhan Tiri had a deep hatred for Corona. He cast a spell which caused a blizzard to sweep across the land and the storm destroyed everything in its path. Lord Demanitus used both magic and science to build the machine deep in the Corona mountains. Demanitus used this machine to change the direction of the wind, and it pushed the flurries out to the sea. Zhan Tiri had been defeated and the day was saved eventually, but some say the curse of the storm lives on and is waiting to strike again for Corona to be at its weakest.

In addition, Demanitus was in a constant battle with Zhan Tiri and his brethren. Over the years, Demanitus captured many of the evil spirits and imprisoned them in the chamber of the device.

In Queen for a Day, during the storm, Xavier told Rapunzel about the Legend of Zhan Tiri and the machine, but it was considered a fairy tale in Corona. As the storm got worse, Rapunzel decided to look for the device, accompanied by Cassandra and Xavier. Following secret markings on the walls in the sewerage, they found the passageway to the device. Regardless of some troubles, the device was successfully activated and stopped the storm over Corona. At the same time, the device also accidentally released an evil spirit that served Zhan Tiri.


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