Monty (often known as Uncle Monty) is an elderly shopkeeper in Tangled: The Series.

Monty is seen as respecting everyone in the kingdom except for Rapunzel, who she dislikes because of the changing in Corona's traditions.


He is well known by everyone in the Kingdom and everyone loves him. However, despite his reputation of being the nicest man in the kingdom he dislikes the Princess because she changed Corona's traditions. He also comes from a long line of Gopher Grab champions, and everyone in his family has won the Kingdom's Good Will Gopher Grab.

Up until his debut in Rapunzel's Enemy, Monty was never able to win the tournament until Rapunzel, in disguise, helped him fulfill his dream. Despite Rapunzel helping him win the tournament and saving his life, Monty still chooses to remain enemies with her, inspiring Rapunzel to do the same.

In One Angry Princess, Monty still holds a mutual dislike for Rapunzel to a degree, but is far less hostile than before. At one point, he genuinely commends Rapunzel's on her selflessness in helping prove Attila's innocence after he was accused of vandalizing Monty's shop. When Rapunzel apologizes for the damage done to Monty's establishment, Monty says it's okay and explains that he was planning on redecorating the sweet shoppe anyway, and implies that he had been inspired by Rapunzel to do so. By then end, Attila is proven innocent, and a merge is created between his bakery and Monty's shoppe, now known as "Monty's Sweet Shoppe with Attila the Bun's Bakery".


  • Monty's design was inspired by a mix of Captain Kangaroo and Eric Goldberg.[2]
  • It is revealed in One Angry Princess that Monty's name is short for Montgomery.[2]
    • It is also revealed the episode that Monty wears glasses to help him read.


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