Pascal is a main character in the Disney Channel animated series, Tangled: The Series.

Pascal is the pet chameleon to Rapunzel, and her best friend, as well as a friend to her other companion and horse - Maximus.


It is revealed in Pascal's Story that when Pascal was about two years old he and his mother were running away from the ferocious snake but the snake kept following and Pascal's mother is becoming tired so she wrapped little Pascal in lily pad and send him floating away in a river Pascal was devastated to know that his mother was no longer surviving but he decided to seek refuge, once he reached shore he climbed up the tower but the snake was following him. Little Rapunzel saw the cute chameleon climbing but the snake bit Pascal, Rapunzel was angered and she decided to hit the snake with a frying pan the snake fell into a bush but Pascal was wounded and he turned gray. But Rapunzel didn't want her new friend to die so she used her hair's healing power to bring him to life and once Pascal was back to life she started having a close relationship with him. She even gave him a violet-colored button and Rapunzel said "you will always be my best friend" making Pascal feel special and the two friends played with each other in the tower. However when they left the tower and began spending the rest of their lives in the kingdom things started changing but their friendship lasted.


  • This is the only main character who has had a backstory of an animal.[1]
  • He is Rapunzel's pet companion.
  • He is named after the mathematician/physicist Blaise Pascal.


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