Shorty is one of the thugs from Disney's 2010 Tangled film.



He is first seen during "I've Got a Dream."

Tangled: Before Ever AfterEdit

Shorty is seen in Corona Castle during Eugene's verse of "Life After Happily Ever After". He, along with most of the main thugs, appear to have become Eugene's closest companions outside of Rapunzel and Maximus.

Tangled: The SeriesEdit

In "What the Hair?!", Shorty is the only thug that doesn't mind Big Nose's ramblings about his relationship with Assunta.

In "Fitzherbert P.I.", Shorty attends royal guard training (at first believing the trainee line-up to be the line to the restroom) but does not participate in the drills. He later joins Eugene and Cassandra in stopping a thief, which puts Eugene into the Captain's good graces (to an extent). He then becomes Eugene's teaching assistant for the latter's own training class. A running gag is that he appears in places he's not supposed to be at.

In "Great Expotations", Cassandra ditches Varian at the last minute, leaving him in need of an assistant for his science presentation. In desperation, Varian chooses Shorty, though the thug's clumsiness leads to Varian's disqualification. When Dr. Croix accidentaly causes Varian and Fernanda Pizazzo's machines to malfunction, Shorty works with Rapunzel, Eugene, Big Nose, Maximus and Pascal to help Varian and Cassandra save the day.

In "One Angry Princess", Shorty helps Rapunzel in proving Attila's innocence just before the latter was shipped off to a remote prison for the crime of vandalism. Shorty explains to the Captain of the Guards that it was not Attila who vandalized Monty's shop, but Milton the Goat, who got stuck in the candy store after closing hours, and went berserk after hearing the bell of Monty's door chime—wrecking the shop in the process.

In "Pascal's Story", Shorty is loafing around in the castle, giving a motivational speech to a plant as a depressed Pascal walks by. Pascal believes Shorty to be talking to him, and has his spirits lifted as a result.


  • It was shown in "Max's Enemy" that Shorty's mother's name was Oat Bag when Atila read the bag on Axel  that said oat bag (which he pronounced Oh-at Bag,) which he thought was Axel',s name. Then Shorty cried " Oat bag?! Oat Bag was my mother's name! " (He also pronounced it Oh-at Bag.)